Saturday, April 6, 2013

Meeting Minutes

April 3rd, 2013 Meeting Overview  

Hello fellow NSCS members!!!

As you all know, today was our Second General Body Meeting of the semester.  Our meeting was a success! A big THANK YOU to those who were able to make it.  If you were unable to make it, we would still love to see you next time! 

Here is an outline of what we covered in our meeting today: 

1.  Here are a few ways to stay updated with NSCS:
·         “Like” our Facebook page:
·         Blog:
·         Email:
·         We will continue to send out emails about upcoming events, meetings, or anything NSCS related 

 2.  As a NSCS member there are tons of scholarships and discounts available to you.
·         You can login to your NSCS page and look for the awards or scholarships link
·         You can also update your email preferences on the NSCS page to receive email updates about new scholarships/discounts

3.  There will be a fundraiser later this semester, possibly taking place at the “Happily          Divorced” TV Show taping. 

4.  Our PACE program is currently going on right now. For the PACE program NSCS members go to Northridge Academy high school and tutor/help students with their homework. It is usually a few days a week starting at 3:15 or later. 

5.  Unifed We Serve will be hosting some events later this semester that we can participate in.

6.  In the fall we will have an Induction Ceremony. New members are encouraged to participate.  It is a ceremony/party to celebrate your membership in NSCS.  Your friends and family are welcome to attend. 

7.  Next fall many positions on the NSCS Officer Board will open up.  They include: President, VP of Event, VP of PACE/VP of community service, VP of Public Relations, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Description and selection process will be emailed at a later time.  

8.  Our March to College event was a huge success.  NSCS hosted Northridge Academy high school students and gave them a tour of the CSUN campus and speeches from other campus organizations. 

9.  Graduating NSCS members can order regalia on the NSCS website such as, cords or sashes.

10. Our President, Vahe, will be representing our NSCS CSUN chapter at the National Leadership Conference in Texas later this summer. 

If this is unclear or you would like more information about something, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Hope you all have a great week!   

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