Saturday, April 20, 2013

Scholarship Reminder!

NSCS will be granting a $50 scholarship to one lucky member.  All you have to do is submit an essay by Monday April 22, 2013 to  The essay should include how you exemplify leadership in your life whether it is within your family, an extra-curricular organization, or at work.  The essay should be under 300 words and remember to be specific.  Good luck to everyone who is participating!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Officer Elections!!!!!

Hello NSCS members,

On Monday April 22, NSCS will be holding an officer elections meeting in the Granada Room (below the performance hall) at 5pm in the USU.  If you are interested in holding an officer position with NSCS, please read the officer descriptions below and determine which position you would like to fulfill.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us as  We look forward to seeing you there!!!!

General Expectations for All Officers
·         Serve as a role model, embodying the ideals of a student leader and engaged NSCS member
·         Take an active role in planning and holding the New Member Induction Ceremony
·         Maintain open lines of communication with fellow officers and the chapter advisor, chapter membership, and the NSCS national office
·         Possess accurate and up-to-date knowledge of NSCS opportunities and benefits, and be able to effectively communicate the benefits of NSCS membership to those who ask
·         Utilize the resources at, and maintain an accurate chapter profile
·         Maintain Facebook chapter page based on requirements outlined in the “Maintaining your NSCS Chapter Facebook Page”
·         Keep members engaged by attending regularly scheduled events
·         Network with other organizations and individuals on campus
·         Turn in requested information on or before stated deadlines
·         Fully prepare incoming officers to ensure a smooth transition for the next year
·         Take full advantage of the opportunities to develop personally and professionally through an NSCS leadership role

Manages the chapter’s overall goals and direction for the year, while maintaining positive relations with the national office, chapter membership, and campus community
·         Attend the annual NSCS Leadership Summit  and Transition Week
·         Organize, plan, and facilitate the growth and success of the chapter
·         Set the agenda for chapter/officer meetings
·         Communicate regularly with the chapter advisor and officers
·         Ensure that the chapter remains registered and in positive standing with all appropriate campus offices; including being listed under student organizations on school website
·         Maintain Facebook chapter page based on requirements outlined in the “Maintaining your NSCS Chapter Facebook Page”
·         Hold chapter leadership accountable for chapter goals and performance, and oversee officer transitions
·         With the chapter advisor, facilitate the member recruitment process (Invitation Approval Packet in the fall; Eligible Member Information in the spring)
·         Act as a liaison between the national office and local chapter


Collaborates with the chapter President to manage the New Member Induction Ceremony and all other NSCS Signature programs and to ensure compliance with all campus and national regulations and deadlines
  • Oversee the planning and execution of the New Member Induction Ceremony
  • Submit Induction Scheduling Form, Activity Report and Roster to National Office
  • Oversee all membership and recruitment events
  • Plan and coordinate chapter officer meetings
  • Secure speakers for meetings, events and other activities
  • Initiate collaboration between chapter and other groups/organizations
  • Attend all officer meetings and events unless otherwise approved by the Chapter President
·         Collaborate with VP of Social Media and VP of Public Relations to publicize chapter events

vice President of Public Relations & Recruitment

Fosters awareness of NSCS and its activities among potential members, campus officials, and the community at large


·         Increase activeness in your chapter through public relations efforts

·         Consistently Update the NSCS Chapter Facebook Fan page with events, pictures and video

·         Maintain Facebook chapter page based on requirements outlined in the “Maintaining your NSCS Chapter Facebook Page”

·         Plan and coordinate chapter’s Public Relations Campaigns, RUSH! Week and other member recruitment activities

·         Publicize chapter meetings, events and member accomplishments

·         Participate in Organization Fairs, Fall Welcome activities, etc.

·         Visit Freshman Orientations/Seminars, Honors Classes, Residence Halls, etc. to provide publicity for your NSCS chapter

·         Ensure your campus is engaged and familiar with NSCS


Keeps an organized and detailed account of chapter activities, consistently updates Chapter Checklist and monitors STAR Status progress


·         Report chapter activities and member involvement to the national office, in accordance with the STAR Program
·         Ensure that the chapter meets minimum STAR requirements
·         Maintain records for a member tracking/rewards program (if applicable)
·         Distribute all information about national opportunities to members and officer board
·         Provides national office with relevant documents, photographs, etc
·         Communicate with Member Engagement Representative regarding STAR Status Standing

Oversees chapter finances, fundraising and tracks member involvement


·         Understand all policies related to chapter finances and chapter credit card
·         Prepare seasonal chapter budgets, and coordinate disbursement of chapter checks with the national office
·         Manage and oversee all financial transactions for the chapter, including reimbursement of expenses
·         Plan all chapter fundraising activities

Vice President of Planning to Achieve Collegiate Excellence (PACE)
Coordinates the chapter’s Planning to Achieve Collegiate Excellence program, maintaining its presence as the signature NSCS service initiative
·         Establish and maintain a relationship with partner school/organization
·         Plan regular PACE activities such as school visits, assemblies, and March to College™ Day(s)
·         Recruit, train, and provide ongoing support to PACE volunteers
·         Solicit and implement feedback from program participants
·         Ensure program compliance with all legal and privacy regulations, as stipulated by the partner organization and college/university administration

Vice President of Community Service
Connects members with their campus and local communities through participation in charitable events, and NSCS-sponsored service activities
·         Establish and maintain a relationships with local service partners
·         Stay up-to-date on campus service activities
·         Recruit members to participate in service programs and events
·         Ensure program compliance with all legal and privacy regulations, as stipulated by the partner organization and college/university administration

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Advisor Appreciation Day!!!

We Surprised our Advisor Vicki for Advisor Appreciation Day, she really loved her Mickey plaque.

Photo: We surprised our advisor Vicki for Advisor Appreciation Day, she really loved her Mickey plaque.

Upcoming Officer Positions for Fall 2013:

These positions will be available for any NSCS members who may want to take on a leadership role within the organization for the upcoming Fall 2013 semester. A full Description of what these positions entail as well as the selection process will be emailed at a later time.   

Vice President of Events 
Vice President of PACE/Vice President of community service 
Vice President of Public Relations
Star Status Coordinator (Secretary)

Donations for The PACE Program:  


Join us and other NSCS chapter in raising donations toward the PACE program. Every donation counts!
Help support the National Society of Collegiate Scholars on Razoo!  Donate and Spread the Word!!!!
Click below for more information!

 The NSCS Official Magazine:

 Photo: Check out the new NSCS official magazine...



Congratulations to NSCS for being voted for the Nonprofit Times Best Nonprofits to Work For! 
Click below for more information!!

Meeting Minutes

April 3rd, 2013 Meeting Overview  

Hello fellow NSCS members!!!

As you all know, today was our Second General Body Meeting of the semester.  Our meeting was a success! A big THANK YOU to those who were able to make it.  If you were unable to make it, we would still love to see you next time! 

Here is an outline of what we covered in our meeting today: 

1.  Here are a few ways to stay updated with NSCS:
·         “Like” our Facebook page:
·         Blog:
·         Email:
·         We will continue to send out emails about upcoming events, meetings, or anything NSCS related 

 2.  As a NSCS member there are tons of scholarships and discounts available to you.
·         You can login to your NSCS page and look for the awards or scholarships link
·         You can also update your email preferences on the NSCS page to receive email updates about new scholarships/discounts

3.  There will be a fundraiser later this semester, possibly taking place at the “Happily          Divorced” TV Show taping. 

4.  Our PACE program is currently going on right now. For the PACE program NSCS members go to Northridge Academy high school and tutor/help students with their homework. It is usually a few days a week starting at 3:15 or later. 

5.  Unifed We Serve will be hosting some events later this semester that we can participate in.

6.  In the fall we will have an Induction Ceremony. New members are encouraged to participate.  It is a ceremony/party to celebrate your membership in NSCS.  Your friends and family are welcome to attend. 

7.  Next fall many positions on the NSCS Officer Board will open up.  They include: President, VP of Event, VP of PACE/VP of community service, VP of Public Relations, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Description and selection process will be emailed at a later time.  

8.  Our March to College event was a huge success.  NSCS hosted Northridge Academy high school students and gave them a tour of the CSUN campus and speeches from other campus organizations. 

9.  Graduating NSCS members can order regalia on the NSCS website such as, cords or sashes.

10. Our President, Vahe, will be representing our NSCS CSUN chapter at the National Leadership Conference in Texas later this summer. 

If this is unclear or you would like more information about something, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Hope you all have a great week!